Psiloritis: A destination for all seasons

Moving from Anogeia to the plateau of Nidas you will definitely be impressed by the wild landscape. It is like being in a plane that takes off. In its wonderful route you will find a lot of places to enjoy great panoramic views to the Cretan Sea, to the city of Heraklion or to the north coast of Crete. The landscape will fascinate you more and more as you move towards the mountain. In the greatest part of your journey, you will see huge rocks which form Psiloritis. If you decide to follow any of the dirt roads, you will end up in majestic sceneries. Huge old trees, springs, fountains, herbs, wild edible herbs, wild flowers are just a part of these charming landscapes. “The mountain is wonderful all year round” say the locals, and they are absolutely right. 

Χειμερινός Τουρισμός


In spring, the natural scenery of the mountain is blooming. In summer, Psiloritis changes its own face, offering impressive images and a refreshing feeling. In autumn, the mountain is painted with the colors of melancholy, heralding the advent of winter. In winter, Psiloritis is dressed with its white color, enchanting the visitor with its tranquil appearance and pride. It is really great to visit Anogeia and Psiloritis in winter. It is not only the snow. It is the beautiful taverns, the traditional or modern cafes that will offer you a hot drink or a snack in order that you keep on living your experience. After having enjoyed the snow, delicious meals with traditional flavors, raki and handmade pies await you in order to initiate you into the world of tastes. So, dress well, charge your cameras and live with your family or friends the magic of the snowy Psiloritis.