Stivania are handmade Cretan boots and one of the most characteristic elements of the traditional costumes of Anogeia and Crete. Stivania are worn by men even today. In Anogeia there are many skilled shoemakers who manufacture stivania that are preferred not only by locals but also by many visitors, because they are nice, stylish, durable and comfortable. Stivania are made on the leg of the “client” and so they are tailor made exactly to any peculiarities of the foot. The word stivania may come by the Italian word “stivale” which means boots.

Stivania was the main shoe of Cretan men as they were using them in the field, in the mountains, in their everyday life. Nowadays the shoemakers continue to manufacture stivania with the old way and the same reliability, promising that these handmade boots will last a lifetime!