Anogeia is a mountainous village with men, women and children all bred with “the blood of the heart”. We record its beats and rhythms with musical competitions and festivals.

Παραδοσιακοί χοροί

If the most powerful look were to win, the one that permeates life and leaves its marks on the foreheads of people as a sign of sincerity and dignity then the Anogeians would definitely get the first prize! Every year, on the day of the deification of the Sun, we would celebrate that look as well as Cupid, Aphrodite’s son, who fills the hearts of men and purifies the look of the people in Anogeia carrying the inexhaustible drive for life combined with tradition, the key word for all Cretans, throughout the centuries.

If only music existed, we would have music festivals in the same place, in the same way as the song of the air in the night becomes the song of the Anogeians and the dance of the trees  their dance. Like the strings of their lyra that becomes the shuttles of the angels.

Manos Chatzidakis