Anogeians’ Traditional Costume

The well known image of the Cretan traditional costume is not found any more nowadays. However, we will see the women of Anogeia wear their woven and embroidered outfit established in the middle of the 17th century in many festivities and special events. This outfit includes a pleated embroidered dress with a kind of long breeches, embroidered apron, the “meitani” (a type of jacket with long sleeves) or “salamarka” (a sleeveless embroidered jacket). The outfit is completed with an embroidered silk kerchief and jewelry. Sometime in the past the traditional costume of men was common throughout Crete and had two variations.

The first was the everyday outfit, which consisted of black linen breeches, shirt, “meitanogeleko” and a long belt. The outfit was completed with black leather “stivania” (a type of high boot) and a kerchief. The second outfit was the official one and was called “salvaria”. Salvaria consisted of pleated breeches, “meitanogeleko” (it was decorated with rich embroidery), embroidered silk shirt, the long silky purple belt and stivania of white color. The costume was completed with the kerchief and the chain that was hung from the neck and was connected with a knife under the belt. Nowadays, the traditional costume has been replaced with a much simplified one, which mainly the elderly wear or young people in social events.