There are a lot of interesting routes in the area of the Municipality of Anogeia, especially if you are hiking enthusiasts. One of the most impressive hiking routes is the ascent to the peak of Psiloritis. Hiking is difficult, long and takes place only during summer due to adverse weather conditions. The right equipment, supplies of food and water (there is no source of water for more than 1.500 meters) and certainly being fit are important prerequisites. 

There are a lot of routes that lead to the peak. The easiest one is the well marked route E4, which starts from the plateau of Nidas. In the peak of Psiloritis the mountaineering groups can spend the night in the stony chapel, even though the night will be difficult due to the low temperatures. Another interesting route is the one that leads to Skinakas, another peak of Psiloritis, where the Observatory of Skinakas lies. You should not miss a visit to the plateau of Nidas or to the natural park of Psiloritis.