The plateau of Nida


The plateau of Nida is located at the center of the massif of Psiloritis. It has a triangular shape with its southern part forming “Poroso of Milia”. From that place you can have access to the southern foot of Psiloritis and to the area of Messara. The plateau is completely flat and covered with a specific kind of weed known as “nevrida” or “chryssochorto” as the locals call it. In a particular period of time, the plateau was covered by forests; where according to mythology and traditional narratives great events took place.

For example, it is said that Goddess Dimitra fell in love with the mortal Jason, while in modern history, the residents of the surrounding areas found a resort there during their struggles for freedom. During the occupation by the Nazis, the plateau of Nida was the center of resistance. Nowadays, Nida is a rich ranching region, where the shepherds have their seasonal residence and house their production activities related to the cycle of dairy. In recent days there is a combined effort to develop alternative forms of tourism in the area.