Anogeia is a predominantly mountainous area and consequently hosts astonishing canyons. These magnificent canyons were formed two million years ago, when Crete took its present form. The tremendous tectonic changes which shaped the form and thus created the island had an impact to the creation of canyons, which in turn have contributed to the formation of such rich geomorphologic scenery.

The richness of the traditions and the behavior of people of Anogeia and generally of the villages of Psiloritis are predominantly based on this ever changing and charming landscape. The visitor will feel the presence of this natural wealth, especially during spring and summer, when wonderful aromas enrich the air. The canyons of Crete are considered to be a paradise of aromatic and medicinal plants since Minoan years.

Equally rich is the fauna of these canyons, where the visitor may meet griffins, falcons and so many other amazing animals. Visiting the canyons of the area, you make yet another step in order to know the nature, the culture and the history of the island better. West of Anogeia lies the gorge of Zoniana, the gorge of Mygas lies on its east and near Skinakas you will see the gorge of “Psakofaraggos”.