In the area of the Municipality of Anogeia all the animal species found on Crete, both mammals and birds find their shelter. In Anogeia, as on Crete, there are no carnivorous mammals to compete with man (wolf, jackal, etc). The only exception is the wildcat (Felis silvestris cretensis), which feeds with lambs and young goats. However, its population is so small that it is no threat at all. In the area of Psiloritis, you will meet endemic, rare and special fauna elements while in the canyons a lot of species find shelter since it is an area ideal for nesting, feeding and rest.

The caves are such sensitive ecosystems that host several groups of vertebrates for instance bats, which are their main “inhabitants”. The mountainous area of Anogeia is a remarkable ornithological destination because of the significant populations and diversity of birds. The species are generally classified into three ecological groups: predators, the passerines and other non – passerine species. Psiloritis is an important area for predators, as Gypaetus barbatus, the vulture Gyps fulvus, the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos, the Hieraaetus fasciatus and Falco peregrinus, while you will see Alectoris chukar and Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Gypaetus barbatus is the rarest species of vulture in Europe. Crete hosts the only viable population of Gypaetus barbatus in Greece with just four breeding pairs.