In the mountainous area of the Municipality of Anogeia there are many important caves that have attracted the interest of speleological missions. Many of them remain unexplored. One of the most important caves that have already been explored is the cave “Tafkoura”, which is located in the position “Petradolakkia” at an altitude of 1480 meters. It is the largest explored cave in Greece and one of the largest in the world. Its depth reaches 810 meters, while the total length of its routes exceeds 5 kilometers. Its “world” hides intact rivers and lakes.

Other remarkable caves are the cave “In Girl” (its depth is 200 meters and you will find interesting stalagmites, large tunnels and underground rivers in it) and the cave “Sfendonis’ Hole”. This cave is near the village of Zoniana, which is in short distance from Anogeia (just 5 km). It is one of the largest caves of Greece (its area is 3.000 square meters) and it consists of 16 compartments.