“I would like to welcome you in the website of the Municipality of Anogeia.

This website is a new effort aiming at providing our visitor with more information about our place. Furthermore, it is another step in the communication process we wish to introduce with the citizens of our city. As we are looking forward to the cooperation and participation of our fellow citizens in public affairs, we wish to have their opinion through this website as well as their proposals but even their critique so that we manage to make the best decisions for the benefit of all of us.

Manolis Kallergis, Mayor of Anogeia

Anogeia is a place of great history and tradition; two elements characterizing this amazing place, still “alive” nowadays. The history and tradition of Anogeia is not something one only reads about in books. In fact one can trail them directly in the daily life of our citizens and this alone is a very good reason to visit Anogeia. The history of our place is full of struggles and sacrifices for freedom. A  history full of heroism. The three holocausts, in 1822 and 1867 caused by the Ottomans and in 1944 by the Nazis, testify the heroism and the sacrifices of the Anogeians. Solidarity and fortitude kept Anogeia and its inhabitants alive for centuries.

Our tradition passes down from generation to generation as a way of living, not as a narrative. This happens through our local dialect, which has remained unchanged since the era when Vincenzos Kornaros created “Erotokritos”, through our music with our great and famous musicians who continue the legacy of Nikos Ksilouris, through our customs which seem to be untouchable typical rituals that have affected every social event till today. All these take place in a beautiful place, lying at the foot of Psiloritis, the mountain where Zeus, the father of the Greek Gods, was born.

Psiloritis has been inhabited since ancient times, as excavations in Zominthos have proved, while its indelible mark has sealed the souls of all the Anogeians. It seemed to have always been the tough and proud father, the wise grandfather and the solidarity brother of all the Anogeians. It was the actual creative place of all Anogeian women, too, who found shelter there during tough times; this is where they got inspiration, exhibited endless artistic expression in their simple daily tasks like in cooking, weaving, even in lamentations  the unbearable moments of death, Psiloritis seems to occupy an integral part of their lives.

Come and enjoy nature that retains its charm during all the seasons of the year, during summer and winter, in the sun or the snow. Visit the historical and natural attractions of this marvelous piece of land. 0ur village maintains its liveliness while it becomes at the same time modernized. It hosts a great variety of cultural events, seminars and conferences. But above all, you should come and meet our hospitable people and let them reveal to you a different way of life. In the following sections of our website you can learn everything you need about our region.




Manolis Kallergis, Mayor of Anogeia