Authentic cuisine with the freshest ingredients

In Anogeia you will find many picturesque traditional taverns with authentic, local specialties which are made with fresh ingredients. The famous “ofto” (meat) is nowhere tastier! Pure and fresh meat that comes from the herds of Psiloritis, cooked in the traditional way, will make you forget what you have experienced till today. You should not miss “gamopilafo”, a plate with pasta and rice cooked in meat broth, homemade stuffed, cheese pies, “sarikopitakia” and all kinds of pies and of course raki.  Here are some taverns we propose you:

Tavern "Gkagkaris" ( ,  phone: +30 28340 31280, e-mail:

Tavern "Arodamos"( , phone: 28340 31100 & 28340- 31339, e-mail:

Restaurant "Delina"(, phone: Tel: 28340 31701)

"Amalthea" (phone: 2834031251)

"Manouras" (phone: 2834031763)

"Aetos" (phone: 2834031262)

"Skalomata" (phone: 2834031316)

"Moygeris( phone: 6947112260)

"Kitros" (phone: 2834031429)

"Ntolmas" (phone: 28340- 31 340)

"De Variesai(phone: 28340-31135)

"Plastiras” (phone: 2834031419)