Anogeia is already a major tourist destination of Crete owing to its reputation as a traditional mountain village. Visitors can enjoy the modern amenities and the many delicious tastes of the traditional cuisine. Except for the great plates and beverages as raki, Anogeia offers to its visitors a lot of opportunities for alternative sports, as mountaineering, caving, climbing (there are many interesting climbing areas in the slopes of Psiloritis), cycling, etc. During winter months, there is the option of skiing in many places of both Zominthos and Nida. In the area of Nida a small ski facility is under construction.

There are many projects that “run” for the further development of alternative tourism. The mountain shelter in Trygiodos, west of Zominthos, the docking station of climbers in Anogeia, the speleological center in Anogeia are some of the projects that are under construction or near their completion. Another great destination is the Geopark of Psiloritis, in which the visitor will see many geological monuments of the area and will discover the unique natural environment of the mountain. The area of Anogeia is ideal even for the people who like caving. A visit to the cave of Sfendonis, in the neighboring village of Zoniana, will be an unforgettable experience.