Modern amenities, traditional hospitality

Anogeia is a modern village with an intense traditional color. It is a notable tourist destination with a long history and many natural and historical sightseeing. It is the place that can tell you stories about the upbringing of Zeus, about Minoan Crete, about the struggles for freedom. Modern hotels and hostels offer all the comforts a visitor may need. Anogeia is an ideal destination both in winter and summer. In Anogeia there are a lot of options as far as your accommodation is concerned.  Here are some proposals:


Delina Mountain Resort **** (tel. 28340 31701, reservations: (+30) 6955 696921, Fax: (+ 30) 28340 31121, e-mail:

Hotel Aristea ***(tel. + 30 283.403.1584, Fax: +30 283.403.1475, Mob: +30 697.241.0486)

Marina Hotel *** (tel. 2834031817, Fax: 2834031618, Mobile: 6974804012, email:

Hostel Aris (tel. 283431817, Fax: 2834031618, Mobile: 6974804012, email:


Rooms to Let

• «Crete» Booking phone: 2834031048,

• «Kitros» Booking phone: 2834031429