The kitchen of Anogeia

The dietary habits of Cretans have been developed throughout the years based on the sacred tradition of hospitality and the products of the Cretan land: olive oil, wheat, wine, honey, herbs and aromatic plants. Scientific research has proved the nutritional value of Cretan cuisine. The cuisine of Anogeia is typical of the traditional Cretan one. The wealth and the quality of the products of the island over the centuries had as a result a cuisine with unique taste and freshness.

The Cretan cuisine is distinguished for having one of the oldest and most palatable culinary traditions in the world.  The secret of Cretan diet is the rich variety of products of Cretan land and the olive oil, which is used in all the dishes. Cheese, honey, aromatic plants and many other products of Psiloritis are the basis for the miracle called the cuisine of Anogeia. Top tastes are “ofto” and cheese. Enjoy the miracle of the Cretan diet!