Owing to its geographical position on the steep slopes of Psiloritis and to the unconquered morale of its inhabitants, Anogeia was always at the forefront of the struggles of the Cretans for liberation.

Anogeia was conquered by the Turks in 1648 A.D. In May 1822, they defeated the Turks in the position Sklavokampos with Vasilis Sbokos as their leader. While the Anogeians were fighting in Messara, the Sherif Pasha attacked the deserted village on 14th July 1822, looted and burned it. That was the first holocaust of Anogeia. The second holocaust took place in 1867, 45 years after the first holocaust, while the Anogeians continued to participate in many fighting battles against the Turks. Omer Pasha conquered the village and in November 1867, Resiz Pasha burned it down.

Μετά το Ολοκαύτωμα


These two holocausts did not prevent the Anogeians from participating in various rebellions against the Turks in other places of Greece, like Macedonia or Ipeiros. During the II World War, the Anogeians took part in the resistance against the Nazis. The third holocaust started on 13th August 1944 and lasted till the end of that month. Having first removed women, children and the elderly people, the Nazis looted and destroyed the village. Men and boys resorted to guerilla hideouts in Psiloritis, while many inhabitants of Anogeia found shelter in other villages of Malevizi province.