Vasilis Skoulas

Vasilis Skoulas was born at a village called Anogia in Rethimnon, 1946. His family had already had a strong and mature bond with traditional Cretan music as well as the arts in general. He is the grandson of Mihalis Skoulas - excellent lyrist of his time - and son of the famous folk painter Alkiviadis Skoulas also known as Griliou.

He started learning how to play the lyre at the age of seven and by the age of 16 his talent had already made him known as one of the greatest lyrists and singers this island has ever seen.

With four decades of nonstop contribution to the genre of the traditional and modern Cretan folk music already on his shoulders, Vasilis Skoulas has participated in a great number of musical events and concerts in Crete and Greece as well as in Canada, the United States of America, and Australia.

The perseverance and love, he still demonstrates for this musical genre has also aided to the recognition and world acceptance of the traditional Cretan music - at times when the phenomenon of the globalization of music does not allow the “out of the ordinary” sounds to be heard….This is also his reward.

His first album was recorded in 1969 but his defining record came in 1980 when he recorded “Sergianisma stin Kriti”. The albums “Kritiki Anthologia”, “Xilies xrises athivoles”, "Tou Eronta kai tou kaimou”, "Anafora stin Kriti", "Drosostalides", "Anastoroumai", etc followed. In collaboration with Giannis Markolpoulos, they wrote the play “Tou siderou kai tou nerou”. He also recorded with P. Konstantakopoulos the album “Pikramenos Anaxoritis” where they melodised the poetry of Nikiforos Vrettakos. During the years from 1681 to 1985, he did a number of shows at the Park theatre with the play “Kafeneion i Ellas”. Soon after, he participated in Giannis Voglis’ theatrical team that mounted Nikos Kazantzakis’ play “Kapetan Mihalis”. The company’s continued to perform in Greece and later on abroad.

Vasilis Skoulas, to this day, continues to demonstrate the same unlimited passion and determination to spread the notes of the Cretan music all around the world as well as at his favorite stage which is no other than the music hall “Delina” in Anogia.